Coming Up Next!

Good day wordsmiths!

(I think it would be wordsmiths, I toyed with the idea of pensmiths but we don’t make pens, we make stories… so storysmith, but then what about poems and novels and epics? So words it is!)


Welcome back to another fine edition of the Tempered Pen! We’ve been away a little bit (holidays and scheduling be damned!) but we’re back with a vengeance and with a bit of a mixed up format. Instead of doing an article or review every week we’re going to be posting an article or review one week and the next a story will be posted.


The stories will be quite short and we’ll do a few series of stories, so there’ll be a few weeks worth of larger story but also various different stories going on. One reason for this is to have more time to get read books to actually review them properly rather than just from what I remember. And especially with fantasy books they can be rather lengthy!


So the good thing about this is you’ll get exciting instalments of fantastical tales as well as informative and entertaining articles and reviews! Huzzah!


But that wouldn’t do on its own for a blog post, so keep your eyes peeled for another one coming extraordinarily soon!


What I can do for now is give you a sneaky peek at some of the stories that will be coming your way.


First off we’ve got the epic journey of Seňor Bloodwhiskers! The bandit cat seeking revenge upon those who wronged him the past. Along the way he’ll meet other colourful characters, grueling opponents and hopefully find the vigilante justice he’s looking for.


And the other stories that will be working their way to you will be the colourful tale of Arthur Sullivan, his apprentice and his shop the Sullivan Emporium. Arthur is a purveyor of dreams, wishes and potions. Along with his apprentice Jeremy the story will follow them as they find new ingredients to make their wares from across the world.


So keep an eye out and soon enough there shall be a wonderful story for you to enjoy!


Good hunting!


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