Wheel Of Time: Real Time

It came to my attention recently that we had our very own real life Winter Night recently which is the festival that begins the epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time!

Inspired by APLemma I have decided to join in on the real-time read of the Wheel of Time.

Winter Night is a holiday in the world of Wheel of Time that marks the end of winter and is the when the first day in The Eye of the World is set. As in the first book there is a full moon on Winter Night and the first day of spring was this week it seems like the 23rd March is the perfect Winter Night for quite some time (19 years according to APLemma, which would probably be a good time for a re-read!).

At the moment I’ve only read the first book in the Wheel of Time series so I thought that this would be a brilliant opportunity to read the whole thing and, honestly, I’m pretty stoked about it! It was a long while since I went through the first one as well so I would definitely have had to re-acquaint myself with the storyline.

As for how I’m going to do it: some brilliant fans have dated almost the entirety of the Wheel of Time series so I shall be using this as a guide to read the series in time with the days experienced by the characters. I’ll try and group them as much as I can by chapter, and depending on what life throws at me may have to have a weekly read rather than day by day. But those are all decisions to be made another time!

I can also see that from book seven the time starts overlapping so I’m not sure what to do with that, but as I say, another problem for another time!

Right now I need to play catch up as I won’t get a chance to read the book until probably Sunday. So I’ll probably need to read about 14 chapters or so to get caught up to adventure in real time, but I think that’s a challenge that I’m up to.

So you’ll hear back from me on this when I’ve managed to catch up!


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