Wheel Of Time: Real Time Read #1

My journey is not going as quickly as Rand’s… In terms of timeline I’m about a fortnight behind.

I moved house last week and during the move, although I have a wonderful bookshelf stuffed with fantasy volumes and another shelf in the back somewhere, I misplaced the books I was actually reading. The only consolation is that, in the myriad bags that are now lining the hallways, I managed to find a library book that is due back soon.

Well, such is the way of things.

I did manage to get to about chapter 17 before we moved, they were literally about to leave Caemlyn. So at least the journey will hopefully mean that there’s a day here and there skipped over in one of the chapters and it won’t be so bad to catch up.

I think what I find most irksome, and it isn’t having to play catch up, is that I was just starting to really get into the story.

As they were about to leave Caemlyn I feel as though they were really about to get going and I was very much excited to get to grips with the meat and bones of the quest and world. After a few grimdark style books it was really great to read something that was more along the lines of traditional fantasy and (although obviously there’s a lot of dark lord stuff going on) not quite as constantly wreathed in shadow and blackness.

I have now found the book and just have about eighteen chapters to catch up on! (So that’s my reading sorted for another week or so…)

So my next Wheel of Time Real Time update will be a lot more caught up!


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