Wheel of Time: Real Time Read #2

I have caught up!

It took me a lot longer than I thought it would and to be honest I only managed to catch them up because there’s a few weeks gap between The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt…

From now, I think it should go without saying, but SPOILERS AHOY!

So from now on it should be a lot easier to keep up with them (again partly due to some breaks in the timeline where the chapters will skip a few weeks here and there) but it is nice to know that there’s a bit of a reprieve at those times and I can dive into something else.
Once I started getting towards the end of the book I definitely started getting more into it, it felt almost a bit slow through the first two thirds, but I wonder whether that’s the story being fairly familiar, both in terms of it being classic fantasy and also in that I have listened to an audiobook of this before.

I got quite into it by the time they were all together in Caemlyn and they met the Ogier. Partly I think it was that you were shown the layers of the story that went beyond the standard quest in the fantasy and the world really began to take shape.

Again, I don’t know if it was being familiar with the story and this technically being a re-read (despite the fact it’s been years since I listened to it before) but I felt as though almost all of the truly interesting events happened in the last 150 pages.

The Forsaken walking free, Moraine talking about the Dragon Reborn, the Horn of Ilian, the realisation that the Aes Sedai really are politically fractured.

That was all really interesting and I’m happy I get to learn more but I wished I’d got more of this strange world throughout the beginning portion.

One quirk that I did find when reading it (and this might just be me) was that at one point when the Dark One was talking to Rand in a dream, or maybe it was a Darkfriend, they said that if they went with the Dark One and gave into him then Rand could be at the Dark One’s right hand and stand with him when he returns as one of the Dreadlords.
I thought that sounded pretty cool. I read that and thought ‘Awesome, yeah, let’s do it!’. But of course that would be bad… So I think definitely some good writing of that part if Robert Jordan managed to make the offer of the Dark One tempting enough for a reader to want to go for it!

Sigh, maybe that’s just a sign that it’s a good thing I’m not the chosen one.



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