ROW80 – Round 3 for 2016 but Round 1 for me!

The third round of the year for ROW80 (Round of Words in 80 Days) starts today!
I’ve been thinking on and off about what goals I want to set and I think that I’m going to have one week separate from the rest and then change it up for the rest of the challenge.
Specifically I want to have an overarching goal for this week to get the anthology finished and published (the cover’s done it is just a case of final formatting now) and then will add in the rest of my writing goals for the rest of the challenge as sub-goals for this week but as the major goals once this week is done with.
So what are those goals? Well…


  • Write at least 500 words a day


I was toying with the idea of 750 as when I get going I’m not shy with my words per hour but also this about sitting down and starting a writing session everyday not smashing through a word count. The key really is that that’s the bare minimum and then I can write for as long (or as short) as I want beyond that every day. If I only do the bare minimum of these then I’ll have written roughly 40,000 words over the whole challenge which is easily enough to be half a book – a good 80 days by anyone’s measure!


  • Work on a writing exercise at least once a week


I like to think that I’ve been pattering away at the keyboard to improve my writing skills but deliberate practice is a more finessed and focused way to improve; it’s also a good way to improve in more specific areas and test yourself more easily. I’ve got a few books lying around on the craft of writing that have exercises in them and I would like to make sure that I am doing at least one a week, they shouldn’t take much longer than half an hour so in the grand scheme of things it’s not a massive ask.


  • Do at least 6 hours of planning and/or editing every week


I have a few stories that are sitting around in either draft form or as a few paragraphs and sketchy outlines so with this goal I’d like to make sure that I’m actually progressing with those rather than having a few bits and bobs lying around. I think the danger is that in my head they are ‘finished’ but actually they’re just roughly-hewn stories rather than the polished narratives I want to think they are.


That’s pretty much it in terms of daily/weekly goals, but then I want these goals to build toward specific things as I have a tendency to jump between projects; which is something I’m hoping ROW80 will fix. So some kind of sub-goals for this as well.

For example, at the moment I’m about half way through a Viking fantasy book so I’d like to get 75% of the way through that – although some of that will most likely be tweaking and editing (which will fall under one of the goals if not the other!).

Then there’s a novella about a demon baker I’d like to get on with, which originally I started to write as a novel, got 35,000 words in and realised it wasn’t working. One of the main reasons for this was that it was getting too far from the original concept and just wasn’t working for me anymore so it would be good to get that back to basics and what got me excited about it in the first place.

And also there’s a series I was thinking about just for fun which I’ve written the first book of (which is undoubtedly awful) but I’d like to re-read that and get a start on book 2 of that, as well as plan another novella I have in my head which I’d like to have as a slow burn.

So mini-goals in relation to specific projects (with their abbreviations) are:

  • Get to 75% of my current WIP – The Song of the Wind Borne King (SWK)
  • Get to 25% of my novella – Add Brimstone To Taste (ABT)
  • Plan another novella – Before There Were Flames (BTF)
  • Start the plan for Book 2 of Game of Sloths series (the current series name is actually something like ‘Legacy of the Rising Earth’ but I can’t get Game of Sloths out of my head…)
  • Look through Draft 1 of the Game of Sloths – Emperor of the Burning Shore (EBS)


It looks like quite a lot listed out but I’m sure in little dribs and drabs that it won’t be so bad!


7 thoughts on “ROW80 – Round 3 for 2016 but Round 1 for me!

  1. Welcome to ROW80 for the year 🙂 You have such great names for your works in progress and I’d be keen to read your viking fantasy when you get to the beta reader stage, too. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m looking forward to participating. It seems like a much more do-able goal for me than NaNoWriMo.

      And thanks! 🙂 It’s definitely got some work to be done on it but I’ll keep you updated on its progress 🙂

  2. As the wife of a chef, the demon baker story is intriguing – and I have to say I’m with you on Game of Sloths. There’s a really good vibe to that one.

    As for jumping between projects, there are a few of us who just embrace that in ourselves. The trick for me is to know I won’t finish everything at the outset, but that I’ll make progress and learn some things along the way.

    Welcome to ROW80!

    1. Thank you, to all of that!

      I know what you mean, I find myself daydreaming sometimes of all the books I have plans for actually being finished… they’d be much closer to being finished if I worked on them instead!

      1. I figure I have enough material in my head for 3 lifetimes of writing, at this point. It’ll be a case of running out of life, rather than ideas.

        I barely wrote anything from the time my oldest child was born till he was 8 and his sister 5 – the point at which they were able to be independent enough that I didn’t have the constant fear of needing to drop everything at any moment to be Mommy.

        My daughter will be 12 tomorrow, my son is almost 15, and half a head taller than I am – and now I have hours in a row, sometimes, for writing.

        It’s interesting that I make better use of my writing time after that long stretch of barely being able to string a sentence or two together.

        May you fins the time, energy, and focus you need! =)

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