ROW80 – First Sunday Check-In

Again, a tad late with this one!


As the first week was a bit of an anomaly all will become more even and regular as time goes on (and as I get used to bi-weekly updates too).
I didn’t manage to get to a writing exercise this week but have picked up a couple of books with writing exercises to have in my bag so that I can do something if I’m on the train and the mood strikes or just wandering about.



In terms of goals this week it was all centred around the anthology and trying to get that finished: I’m not 100% finished up I am at 99%.


I discovered, too late last night, that the Amazon formatted document wasn’t showing a picture I wanted in there (which I solved) and then also that one of the sections wasn’t linked in the table of contents (which I have left to do tonight).


Annoyingly, I spent some time re-formatting the document I had prepared for Smashwords to put onto Amazon and making sure that it would all work and then the image I need wasn’t working on this new version. At a punt I just popped the Smashwords version straight onto the Amazon to preview and the image worked! So much for that…


At any rate I should be able to get it all published today, the only problem is that I need this to be permanently free so I think I may have to release it on Smashwords first before making it available on Amazon. Reading through the popular wisdom online it seems that the best way to go for making it free is to wait for the Smashwords files to feed through to other retailers (like Barnes & Noble or Apple) and then report the lower price to Amazon so that they can price match it, dropping it from 99p/99c to free.


From here I think I’ll release it on Smashwords as soon as I can (most likely this evening) and then pop it up on Amazon once it’s fed through as I want to minimize the time it’s available for actual sale on Amazon as much as possible.


And on a side note: I have realised that I am ‘currently reading’ far too many books! I was just pondering what to pick up and am technically mid-way through about five different books at once (not even counting non-fiction)! So I’ll pick up one of those instead, I think I just tend to get distracted with the wonderful covers of things!


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