Mid-Week Updates

A bit late to be calling it ‘mid-week’ but never mind!


So far this week I’ve not done as much work on the anthology as I was expecting but I think it’s just a case of doing a once over and clicking ‘submit’ so I’ll get that done either tomorrow or over the weekend.
Regarding my actual goals:


500 words a day: All done so far!
One exercise a week: Not yet, but I’ll try tomorrow afternoon/over the weekend

6 hours of editing/planning: At the moment I’m up to about an hour.



Just in terms of plans to get everything done: I’ve got my first draft of my first book printed and ready to be red-lined and also a short story printed to be read and jiggled about so I’ll also take a go at those. The short story is at the point where it’s about 60% done but as I was drafting it I decided to go in a different direction and I don’t always write chronologically so it’s in need of a bit of overhauling.


I’ve been a bit slap-dash with where I’ve been putting my wordcounts as well, spreading the 500 words per day (I’ve been going a bit over) across a couple of different short stories and a novella so I feel like I’m making baby steps with all of them rather than strides in any of them. So for next week I think I’ll focus on one at a time for at least a couple of days (it takes a while to get back into the tone/pace of a particular story).


Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this update, not least  because I’ve just found out Pokemon GO has been released in the UK. I’m off to catch some Pokémon!


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Updates

  1. I thought my son (14, and a long-time Pokedude) would want to play, but he’s all about Minecraft, Monster Hunters, and Guns of Icarus right now (and I get HUGE Mom points for knowing all that when he games mostly in his own room, and I’m not a gamer!)

    Ah, well. I have friends who are playing, and don’t mind if I occasionally peek over their shoulders. =)

    Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good handle on things. Now get out there and catch ’em all!

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