ROW80 October to December ’16


I’ve been caught up recently in doing various other things that writing here and in general seems to have slipped me by and the newest ROW80 has surprised me. I’m still not done with any of the goals that I set myself at the beginning of the last challenge so I’ll look into them again. 

So although I may have failed somewhat dismally at the last (and my first) ROW80 that I attempted I want to give it another go; mainly because I’d really like to get a move on with my writing and get a few short stories finalised. 

I know that NaNoWriMo is beginning to shake itself awake again so that presents a good opportunity to get involved in the writing community again and give a nice aim to have some stuff written for.

With all that in mind here are my rough goals:

  • Finish the short stories The Honeyed Alchemist, and The Queen in the Tower
  • Plan Song of the Wind Borne King and write during NaNoWriMo
  • Write 2 -5 more short stories
  • Re-read Emperor of the Burning Shore for edits and planning of Book 2
  • Plan Add Brimstone To Taste

I know that I’ve mentioned writing Add Brimstone To Taste and Song of the Wind Borne King before and I got about 50% of the words down for each draft before I realised something major could be overhauled to make it a much better story; maybe because I’ve hit a wall because there’s a major piece of plot misplaced or the characters aren’t driven enough. And this is the key to what’s stopping me finishing so I want to go through and plan these more thoroughly to make sure that I can zip through and get to the finish line without second-guessing the storylines.

Similarly, for the short stories I’m about 60% of the way through the first drafts and as I’ve been writing them I’ve changed an element here or there which means by the time I get towards the end the narratives are a bit of a mess and I now need to do some cleaning up so I know where it needs to end up. To avoid this with the other short stories I’m going to make sure I plan them more thoroughly and make sure I know the core of the story before I start. I think this is really hindering me as I start losing confidence with the story the further I write into it and then feel the need to go back and start editing.

So this time: More planning; more writing.



2 thoughts on “ROW80 October to December ’16

  1. I plan my stories out quite a bit, and I still find myself drifting away from the outline. But, I at least need that guide to get started.

    Good luck with your goals for this round.

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