Publishing Contracts: Getting Out!

Welcome, all you brilliant beings out there, to the penultimate post in our publishing contracts series! Next time I’ll write up a summary of these posts and mention a few things to remember for your own contracts, but for now let’s talk about how you can possibly get out of a contract!  Welcome, all you … More Publishing Contracts: Getting Out!

Publishing Contracts: Author Responsibilities

Hello, friendly neighbourhood heroines and heroes! Publishing Contracts: Author Responsibilities Welcome to another post talking about publishing contracts. You can see what this is all about in the Introduction Post and see the last post where I walked about Grant of Rights and what that means.  In this post I’ll be talking about Author Responsibilities: … More Publishing Contracts: Author Responsibilities

Phase Planning

Recently I’ve started a new kind of planning for the current work in progress and I’m just having a blast with it so I wanted to share that with everyone! I found it on the Pub Tips subreddit and had a read through the article it linked to (It’s Just a Phase by Lazette Gifford) and … More Phase Planning