Writing Update 2019

Hello everyone! Well it’s time for another update (it’s been way, way too long since the last one!) and for some tentative plans to be told for this year. For the update part of things, I’m still working on the ‘second’ draft of Windborn, which is up to about 119,000 words at the moment. The original … More Writing Update 2019

Phase Planning

Recently I’ve started a new kind of planning for the current work in progress and I’m just having a blast with it so I wanted to share that with everyone! I found it on the Pub Tips subreddit and had a read through the article it linked to (It’s Just a Phase by Lazette Gifford) and … More Phase Planning

Fakin’ It

I was listening to the Writing Excuses podcast ‘Fake it Till You Make it’  and it got me wondering about the kinds of things that writers can do to make themselves more professional. Specifically what got me thinking was a comment that Howard Taylor made about his self-imposed rule that when he started he wanted … More Fakin’ It